Austin “No Doubt” Trout


World Champion Boxer

Record: 30-3 (17 KOs)

Weight Class: Welterweight

Hometown: Las Cruces, NM     

College: New Mexico State University

Country: USA

“You must know in your heart and believe you were meant to do this.” – Austin “No Doubt”

Accomplishments: 2004- USA Olympic Boxing Alternate. 2011– Became the WBA World Super Welterweight Champion of the World. 2012– Defeated the living legend Miguel Cotto in Madison Square Garden to retain his world title. 2013– Had a fight of the year candidate battle with the Mexican superstar Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

“Some obstacles I faced growing up was my confidence in sports. I always had to learn how to play things on my own, not to mention I was really little for my age. As far as boxing goes, it was sometimes tough being an African-American living in New Mexico, participating in a predominately Hispanic sport.”

“The only way I could overcome these obstacles was by not giving up. Even though I lacked confidence and was afraid to play some sports, I never let the fear of failure keep me from trying out the various sports. The more experience I had in sports, the higher my confidence was built up. As for my demographic, I love where I’m from, so I started trying to market myself to my area. I figured if I keep winning and keep representing the area/city well, they will have no choice but to eventually get behind me!”

Austin’s Advice: Find your passion and work towards that goal every day! You must know in your heart and believe you were meant to do this. Never let any outside influences distract you from your mission!!!