Nina “Burrito” Buitrago


Women’s BMX Legend

Hometown: Long Island, NY  

Current City: Austin, TX

Country: USA

Instagram: @nina_burrito

“Comfort isn’t my priority.” – Nina

By many, Nina is considered to be the pioneer of women’s BMX. She got her first bike at the age of 19 and was placing at Men’s competitions at a time when very few girls rode BMX. She’s since won 2 world championships in 2010 and 2011, and is sponsored by FOX Womens, Etnies Footwear, Terrible 1, Empire BMX, Tree Bicycle Company, Skullcandy, and Flat Track Coffee.

“I wasn’t very good at first and fell a lot early, but I learned how to crash in a way that you don’t get hurt. The hardest trick for me to learn was the bunny hop. It took at least a thousand tries…”

“My worst injury was when I broke my jaw and had to be wired shut for 2 months, but I’ve also had shoulder surgery, ankle surgery, and had to have a brake lever removed from my thigh, which missed an artery by just a hair. When you’re so driven, you have no option but to come back stronger than before. When I look around and see other people with worse injuries they’ve came back from, it motivates me.”

“My current goal is to get women BMX riders their own event at the X-Games.”

Nina’s Advice: Give it a go! If you’re driven enough, no wall in front of you is going to stop you. For every day that’s considered hard work, you’re going to yield that much more rewards later. You’re more capable than you think…

Ps. Nina has her own character in a new video game called Pumped BMX, which you can now download in the Apple and Android App Stores.               

Instagram: @nina_burrito