The Deep Joys Of Creating

I had a much needed LATE & fun night for Halloween, but I was up at 6am polishing COURAJ. WTH. Here's the the thing... I didn't set an alarm or plan to get up this early. A fire deep in my soul woke me up. A feeling you can only feel when you are living out your true creative self. The joy of creating something of your own is way deeper than the joy of experiencing someone else's creation. The next time you go experience something, whether it be your fav band, place, etc... know this. The person responsible for that experience has a MUCH deeper level of fulfillment than you will ever get from just experiencing their creation.

The next time you want to, "Get away and experience something new"... try this: Get away and create something new. Everyone wants to see the pyramids, but they don't realize they can create their own pyramids, which will reflect their own special beauty. Also realize this, the joy of creating isn't only a great feeling for individuals who create. Teams can create. Countries can create. That's why American pride is so much stronger in citizens who experienced the Great Depression and WW2. They experienced creating a new country. We are just experiencing their creation, while building something new of our own.

If you have never created anything of your own, have the courage try it, you won't regret it. If you have a team who is not motivated, let them create and watch a spark ignite. If you have dissatisfied customers, let them take part in the creation of a better experience, see their loyalty skyrocket. I hope one day everyone can feel that same fire and fulfillment. The joy of creating. We're funding on Kickstarter now!  Rally the TROOPS! Alert the village! Thanks for reading. -CD

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