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Courage is a single action to overcome fear. Couraj is a journey of courage toward your best life.

Couraj will be a support system and 1-for-1 community based clothing brand that will supply courage to become your best self and make the most of your life. When you buy, you supply Couraj to someone who needs the courage to break free and make the most of their life. If Couraj can help someone show only 10% more courage toward their best life, that's a win.

No longer will we ever believe we can’t. No longer will we let small non-sense hold us back. No longer will be slaves to closed minds. Our vibes, muscles, foods, minds, community and movement is TOO Strong!!! It’s a revolution. No more time wasted. We are stronger, taller, and smarter. We are ready... We want challenges and setbacks. We want a battle!! Bring it!!!!! What is freedom without first being a slave? What is a champion without an opponent? What is a legend without a story? Yes, the treasure at the end of the journey will be great, but even greater will be the person we become because we chose to take the journey. That’s Couraj… Feel the power, know the wisdom…

Use Couraj as power to overcome. Know when you wear Couraj that you are part of a movement and community all on the same journey of growing into their best self and making the most of their life. Represent it proudly. Feel it’s power daily as you bury another obstacle. Feel it’s power as you transform into the Lion Chief. Feel it’s power as you dream. Feel it’s power as you follow your heart. Feel it’s power as you own your life. Feel it’s power as you grow into your strongest self. Feel it’s power as you realize your personal legend… Wear it as sign you are ready.

We realize at times the journey will be tough, so check out each of the Lion Chief, ToolBox, and Inspiration pages for tools to help you along your journey.

Cool? Want to be your best? Make some noise? Turn some heads? Be remembered and respected? Make an impact? Welcome home... Breakfast is on the stove...