A little common sense nutrition for you:

Eat foods you are designed to eat. Quit eating poison :O

It’s SUPER easy to have a sharp mind, super immune system, strong body, fit physique, crazy energy, happy attitude and good night’s sleep. Super easy? YEP! Simply do this: Eat foods you are designed to eat.

What foods are we designed to eat?

Foods from Earth. Duh. We are designed from Earth. Why would we eat anything else? Would you put coffee in your car’s gas tank? No. It’s designed to run on gas.

Question everything you have been taught, quit listening to money and start using your common sense.

If we are designed from Earth, why would we eat anything not made by Earth? Can you go into nature, find a grain, pick it and eat it? No. It’s not edible. Man must change it for consumption. So don’t eat grains, you will not function properly. Can you go into nature, pick an apple and eat it? Yes. So eat it, Earth made it for you. Common sense. Let’s give you a test: Bagel or Avocado? Bread or Sweet Potato? Tofu or Steak? Whole grain bar or Almonds? Corn dog or Bacon? Factory made foods or Earth made foods? Foods man has designed or foods Earth has designed? It’s so simple. So easy. So awesome. So rare. So common sense.

60% < 100%:

Would you rather function at 60% of your best self or 100% of your best self? Imagine you want to become a (place your dream here), would functioning at 60% give you your best shot? Or would functioning 100% give you your best shot? Functioning at 100% will put you on another level. Couraj will always be on the 100% level. We will always eat foods that promote our best self. We will always eat foods we are designed to eat.

Since we are all warriors in the game of life, let’s think like warriors.

How would a warrior fuel himself?

A warrior fuels himself for battle by eating foods that give him strength. The warrior understands that he comes from Earth. He understands that his body is a phenomenal machine that has been designed to flourish on foods from Earth. He understands that he is not designed to be sick, overweight, weak, tired, etc. He knows if he fuels himself with foods he is designed to consume, he will function optimally, as designed. His formula is simple and common sense. Eat Earth made foods. Do not eat man made foods.

The warrior knows that Earth supplies him with foods that are ready for his consumption and optimal for his growth. A stranger may not have the best interest in mind for a another stranger, but a mother always has her child's best interest in mind. So, he eats foods from his mother, Earth, not strangers. He refuses to eat foods that are changed by man or contain gluten and added sugars, because these are poisonous to his growth. He understands he is a product of nature, just like the foods grown by Earth. He knows that if man has to change the food so it can be consumed, it is no longer of Earth, it is now of a stranger. He doesn’t trust it and refuses to eat it. In this way the warrior will be strong for life, just as nature has designed him to be.

A warrior that fuels himself of Earth made foods goes into battle with a smile on his face. He knows his enemy is weaker than him. The warrior can think clearer and quicker. He can fight longer and stronger. The warrior simply refuses to poison himself with foods that weaken him, unlike his enemy. His enemy eats sandwiches and junk food. The warrior feasts on steaks and super greens. His enemy is weak, the warrior is strong.

Modern Reality:

Let’s be honest, although junk food isn’t good for us, some of it tastes good and we were raised eating it. No matter how perfect we are, there will be times where we eat these foods. It’s ok. A warrior follows the 90/10 rule. 90% of the time he is focused on bettering himself, feeding himself for strength, mental clarity and growth. 10% of the time he celebrates with foods that take away from his strength, but please his soul. He understands that it is sometimes ok to visit old friends from home. He grew up with these friends and they once brought him joy. Wisely, the warrior only visits briefly, because he knows these old friends will ruin his growth. In the same way, he should only briefly visit foods that are poisonous to himself, because these too will ruin his growth.

Bottom line:

Eat foods Earth has designed for you, not foods that man has designed for you. Duh. This will give you a sharp mind, super immune system, strong body, fit physique, crazy energy, happy attitude and good night’s sleep. Your best self.

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