Positive Perspective

“A positive mind can rule all of mankind. “ - The Expendables

What is the one master key that can make anything possible? A positive perspective toward life. A positive mind comes from the realization that you need nothing to live an amazing life. Happiness comes within yourself. After that realization, you can now think with the mindset, “What do I have to lose?” It doesn’t matter what you might lose, because you need nothing. It doesn’t matter what might happen, because whatever happens, you still have yourself and you need nothing else for happiness. You don’t need a cool car, you don’t need money, you don’t need a cool shirt from Couraj, you don’t need the approval of strangers, you don’t need anything except you. Although these cool things are desirable and will most likely come to those who have a positive perspective toward life, they don't need it. Expectations, rules, laws, stereotypes and standards will have no power over someone with a positive perspective.

Your cup doesn’t have to be half full or half empty. You don’t even need a cup. You need nothing. You are limitless. You are free.

Anything can be accomplished with a positive perspective toward life. It is the ultimate tool for living a truly unique life and achieving your dreams.

Words of Wisdom:

Forget expectations and standards. They come with limits. Remember, you need nothing. You have nothing to lose. When there is nothing to lose, you can only win. You CANNOT fail with a positive perspective. You are limitless. Go, take risks, be different, prove others wrong and be who you want. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Let the sweet music below open your mind: